If you don’t all go out and buy one of these you’re liars.

Photo Credit: The Truth About Cars

The VW.com configurator is showing that you can now get a Golf Sportwagen with 4motion and a manual in America. It seems to be that you can only get 4Motion on the base model; if you want more luxury you have to step up to an Alltrack. I guess this is fine because the Jalopnik/Oppo commenter zeitgeist prefers base models anyway. A stick shift is available on the Alltrak for the S and SE trim levels now though, so getting more features also means getting more ride-height. These are all 2017 MY cars, and the website’s dealer inventory tool is showing manual, AWD Golf wagons being “in transit” to dealers near me at least.

There are even reviews of this car from US media going back to January but I feel like coverage slipped through the cracks a bit. Jalopnik really, really needs to get their hands on a manual 4Motion for a review.

Photo Credit: My Computer


So many people asked for this and now its here. Now people need to put their money where their mouths are and buy these, showing VW that this is what Americans indeed want.