Image by Boxer_4 taken at NYIAS

With news that Ford will offer a turbocharged V6 in the Fusion putting out close to the same power as what’s available on the Mustang and Focus RS, Chevy realizes they’re against the ropes in the midsize market as their brand-new Malibu lags in sales. Chevy execs have been quoted as saying a variety of reasons for the low demand, citing everything from “people don’t know what a 4G LTE hotspot is” to “it’s a Chevy Malibu.” After two to three model years the Malibu will be retired completely and be replaced by a new vehicle - though “new” in this sense is relative. To help lower R&D costs, the “new” car will be based on cars already in the lineup, likely on a platform that underpins a number of other cars like the Cadillac ATS which is roughly already sized and powered to be competitive in this market. It will also offer a variety of power train options including four-cylinder turbo engines and V6s, and a very unique feature in the mid-size market, being available only in two-door form. However, they have announced a convertible version will be available as well, a first since the 70s. The new car will also revive a storied Chevy nameplate.