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As most of you may not know, I am a dual citizen with Brazil and Canada, and in Brazil, it is mandatory for citizens to vote, a penalty will be issued if no justification is given.


The guy in the shot is Neymar (of FIFA world cup fame, or maybe infamy), and of course the PT party is going to fake his endorsement for PR, that's when the opposition (in this case PSDB) call them out on it.

My mother is extremely biased against the PT, and I can see why. According to her, it's like a Brazilian mafia. She keeps bringing up the term "Bandit" and "criminal" every time she mentions them, and said the have no moral values. When "Dilma" is in power, "Lula" is still the chief of operations. my mother isn't the only one being negative about them, my father's best friend (from Campinas) is also saying he regrets voting for PT after 3 elections, and all they want is power.

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