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BRC day one: update

I don’t know how to update the original post, so this is the best you get.

It was incredible. Easily the most fun I’ve had on wheels.

The instructor has been great and the riding is tremendous. I didn’t have any major issues and I feel like I took to it really fast. By the end of the day I was going full throttle in first, shifting into second, getting back on it at full tilt, and braking in time to do a pretty quick turn.


Which leads me to the bike I chose. This little guy:

Illustration for article titled BRC day one: update

It’s a 125 cc Kawasaki and it is a blast. It has totally changed what I thought I would want in a bike by the time I was done. I thought I wanted a sport tourer like a Tracer or Versys, but now I’m pretty sure I want a light naked. Definitely lightness.

The rest of the people were really friendly. There is one guy who has been riding harleys on a permit for years and he unfortunately never stops talking about this one time and what he likes to do, etc. Etc. And he was starting to get on people’s nerves. But even that couldn’t spoil the fun one bit.


I only have two complaints (I always have several):

1) day one ended too fast! I wish i could keep going despite my sore butt and sunburn


2) my head is too big. I already knew this and it was a concern going in. They had a 2x helmet I used and my head is still very sensitive everywhere from it squeezing my huge block head.

I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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