Break in is done

Achievement unlocked! The STI is broken in. Now I can drive it like I stole it and rev it to redline instead of keeping it under 4000 rpm per the break in procedure. Except the roads around here will be ice and snow for approximately 6 more months, so that tends to be difficult this time of year. I took the picture while stopped on the side of the road, then took off in an icy burnout. Traction control was protesting like crazy the whole time so I didn’t really end up getting it up past 5000 rpm anyway.

1000! Yes, I was stopped on the side of the road. Yes, I live in the middle of nowhere. No, there wasn’t any other traffic around to worry about.
Photo: My photo

After about a month with the car, I’m definitely liking it. It feels very much like my 2007 did. The steering seems to be more precise and have better feel, and there is a very noticeable improvement in power delivery. The 2019 is a huge improvement over the 2007, but they are still definitely the same car. They are still loud, fast, raw and obnoxious, and that is why I love the STI.

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