I’m trying to break in the new FoST so I can get the 1000 mile oil change before SE Oppo meet and not have to worry about it. I’m progressively breaking in the car, babying it at first, getting on it a little more now, hitting lower boost more, etc. I have about 460 on it in a week, and I’m about to leave to drive to my parents house. That’s about 180 miles each way, straight highway. A lot of people don’t recommend highway cruising, so if I do take it, should I just modulate the rpms like I’ve already been doing while highway commuting? Or would it be a good idea to just take my old car? My feeling is as long as I can get to 1000-1100 and still have a few days before the meet I should be okay. Here’s another pic of the new whip for your time, because I love this thing.