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Breakfast with Toby in Petaluma

I get pulled in so many directions every day that I need this quiet. I woke up in this lovely historic hotel my assistant found, cuddled with Toby, for ready and went for a walk. We are having breakfast. There is a good boi here who has very bad manners. Toby is staring at him like, “Dude, they didn’t train you right. Get it together.”


Seminar for dairy people today, then time to chill this afternoon. Tomorrow is an open day, and I am going to meet Oppo’s own Nick and his Exocet. If I get lucky, he will take me for a spin and scare me. Hopefully Oppo will get a Sunchaser/Toby/Exocet photoshoot. Mrs. IM has told me many times that we are a bunch of dorks on here (she likes you guys, really).

Any Oppo’s interested in meeting me in Petaluma are welcome to reach out. If you want to have dinner I tend to pick up the tab. Breakfast is here:

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