Multiple news outlets are reporting that an airstrike has been launched against an airfield near Homs, Syria.

Reports vary, but over 50-70 Tomahawk missiles were launched from U.S warships at the al- Shayrat airfield. No fixed wing aircraft were used.

The attack was launched in response to a chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime earlier this week. The Associated Press is reporting President Donald Trump has said the operation was vital to American national security.

Members of the Russian military were stationed at the airfield but were warned prior to the attack, according to journalist Paul McLeary.


Trump is expected to address the nation at some point shortly, followed by a briefing from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and NSA Chief H.R. McMaster.


More forthcoming.

Update: “We ask for God’s wisdom as we face the challenge of our very troubled world,” Trump says after calling for the end of all terrorism.