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Breaking Automotive-Related News

So let’s talk about where we are in the impending full robotification of cars: on the morning of November 30th, 2018 (a.k.a. Today), for what is to my limited knowledge the first time, a stock production vehicle was pulled over by law enforcement on public roads with, for all practical purposes, no human driver.

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On this morning, the CHP stopped a Tesla Model S on Highway 101, containing Los Altos Planning Commission member and apparent asshole with insufficient regard for human life Alexander Samek, who was unresponsive at the wheel, allegedly “asleep” (later cited for a DUI). The CHP vehicle, unable to get the Tesla to pull over through normal means, resorted to driving in front of the vehicle and driving for 7 miles (presumably gradually slowing) before bringing it to a stop.

Has anything like this happened before with a fully stock production vehicle? It seems like a milestone to me.


Here’s a real news article on it, c/o Ars Technica:

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