There is no such thing as a cheap project, many of you know my story from day one. I dumped a Taurus for a hand me down exploder which lived up to its name. I bought this beast in January. I thought it was destiny, I called initially and got no answer for two days. So I was dialing the number for a 95 Taurus sedan in DC when they finally called me back.

The reason I’m saying all of this again is because I don’t think a lot of us younger enthusiast are wary of the risk that comes with buying an uninspected used car, especially with Craigslist. Yesterday I was doing some work on my car when I found out a truth that I knew inside, but didn’t want to admit. It’s a hard feeling because it’s almost like finding out your partner cheated on you in some way and the damage will take forever to heal.

This car was at some point in its prior ownership in a dual ended collision, and worst an unreported one. Auto check came up green, but some cracked braces in the fender and a few obvious signs when I removed the head and taillight units were undeniably signs of collision.


There’s nothing I can or will do at this point, but continue as usual. I’m not going to apply for the full insurance when I leave for university in fear of those unreported damages falling back on me.

This thing is a trooper though, and I’ll drive it until the transmission falls out, but that’s my reality and the risk I took.


Next time I’ll bring a friend with me to see what my starstruck eyes couldn’t, inspect everything that needs to work for me to get inspected because this is the last time I’ll buy a car that can’t pass without work for awhile.

Lesson learned, I can’t wait to autocross this thing, at this point who gives a crap.