Breaking [caffeine] addiction (4 days)

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I got pretty sick this past week. A sinus infection I tried to ignore festered up while I was taking care of my 10 month old who had croup and all *#@% broke loose and I was suddenly being seen for Pneumonia. I’m on some great drugs and finally 3 days into treatment feeling alive and just realizing...


It’s been a solid 4 days since I had caffeine.

Now, we all have our vices and I’d be the first to tell you, I’m an addict when it comes to caffeine. I have two small children, work too much and generally feel like I need the coffee. I started drinking coffee when I quit drinking Mt. Dew and back then (10 years ago?) transitioning a 6-12 can a day habit into a 6-12 cup a day habit seemed... good.

Now though, through the miracle of steroids and other drugs (and generally feeling so crappy the withdrawal symptoms were not apparent) I wonder, should I just quit all together?

I’m somewhat invested in this habit, with an espresso machine, cold brew stuff, aero press, regular drip maker, fancy grinder, friends who roast their own beans etc. Do I just give it all up in an effort to see what life is like clean?!


I tend to think I’ll just try to cut back to 1-4 cups a day.. is that a squandered opportunity? What say oppo? Quit?

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