I always get Instagram ads, usually for sustainable clothes that cost way too much money, but this advertisement for a Nissan dealer promised something cheap. This dealer is located where the plant that built the GM minivans used to be, which is cool. However, is this deal cool? The one comment on the ad says “I smell cap,” and he has a reason to smell it.

A quick visit to Nalley’s website shows that there are indeed several 2018 Titan XD’s for sale new. The Titan and the Titan XD provide great discounts even for the truck world, but these deals are extra huge. A 2018 Platinum Reserve I found with 4WD has an MSRP of $61,510 , but with a fat discount of $18,041, this Titan XD can shine in your driveway for $43,469. That’s still a lot, but for a truck like that, that’s a very nice price new. The other 2018 Titan XD models for sale have $18,000 discounts as well. How are the Frontiers priced?


There are only a few 2018 Frontiers for sale new, and they’re white extended cab models with the four-cylinder. These aren’t Pro-4X models at all. That was expected, but all trucks are expensive, right? My dad didn’t fit in a Frontier, but if he did, he might have one instead. Of the compact trucks, these are some of the best values. If you want to be pessimistic, this King Cab S model has a discounted price of $19,131, which is just $4,504 off MSRP. For a new truck with an automatic transmission, sub-$20,000 is fantastic, but you still get manual windows and a base vibe.

So, assuming everything is correct and before taxes, etc., $19,131 (Frontier’s price)-$18,041 (Titan’s discount)=$1,090. Subtract the dollar that you’re paying for the Frontier, and you’ll only get a $1,089 discount on the whole transaction of $60,000+ by adding in the Frontier. Insurance, gas, etc. of an extra vehicle will definitely surpass the little bit saved going this route.

You probably figured this deal was too good to be true. Unfortunately, it is. If you want a Titan XD, dealers place more money on them new than other trucks, and depreciation is worse than other trucks used. It’s easy to find a great deal. There are some items you never pay the full price for, and the Nissan Titan XD is one of those.

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