The future of Kinja (above)

After a few months of gathering data related to ad-blockers on its websites, the GMG has announced it will be adding the controversial “halo” to Oppositelock, with all other Kinja websites to follow in the coming weeks and months.

The GMG has stated that a “substantial portion” of its user base has been accessing its websites with ad-blockers enabled, which caused the websites to generate less revenue. To try and mitigate this, developers added “anti-ad-block measures” to all their websites. These measures, such as the “You obviously love great burnout videos” popup on Jalopnik, were frequently ignored by the users.

Faced with a dilemma, the GMG had to act. They needed to generate revenue, but users weren’t going to voluntarily disable their ad-blockers. As a solution, the GMG decided to add the halo to all its websites, but only for users who didn’t disable their ad-blockers.

Just one week after an extensive private beta test, the GMG claimed the testers said they had “no visibility” issues, and thus greenlighted the addition of the halo. In a statement, the GMG said, “Users will still be able to read content on the websites because if they concentrate and look hard enough they won’t see the halo.”