BREAKING NEWS: BMW suing Hyundai over logo/brand infringement

Remember when Hyundai announced that it was launching a new performance badge that looks and sounds suspiciously like BMW's famed "M" brand?


BMW has just released a statement regarding their intent to sue Hyundai Motors over brand and logo infringement. Among other statements, a BMW spokesperson released the following statement today:

The success of the "M" performance brand is very heavily weighed in its specific image regarding performance, aesthetics and other important hallmarks. Protecting those hallmarks is crucial to "M" brand sales, including what customers have come to expect in terms of defining visual markers of the "M" brand logo. It is in our best interests to do what we can and take any legal recourse necessary to protect the brand against other automakers who may muddle our own market reputation and sales through similar branding and marketing intent.

You can view more press releases and info here along with continuous updates on this developing situation.

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