Not braking news? Ok, it is braking news if you're an European Chevy fan/owner. Autocar reports.

Anyways, by pulling Chevrolet out of Europe, and focusing on Opel, GM admits defeat, and it also admits that it wasted more than half of billion dollars on a sponsorship contract, with a European soccer team, for nothing.

"We have growing confidence in the Opel and Vauxhall brands in Europe. We are focusing our resources in mainstream Europe."


Said, Steve Girsky for Autocar. Yep, basically they admit it, they are unable to execute the 3 brand, GM strategy that seemed so good on paper, and in my mind.


What will happen to Buick and Opel ? Will their integration continue ? Will we ever get Buick wagons again ?


Will GM go back to the old habits ? Will Europeans miss the increasingly competitive, new Chevrolet models ? Will I ever stop asking rhetorical questions ?

Who knows ?