BREAKING NEWS: Porsche Taycan sets Laguna Seca record -seriously people, who shares my shitty posts that don't deserve to be on the sideline)-

Monterey, California [OPPO] Today Porsche released a statement via Tweet claiming they had broken the record for fastest four door car with a blistering 1:36.554. Certainly a great achievement for EVs and their acceptance as track vehicles.

The run was carried out at 11PM after a group of mechanics, and engineers broke into Laguna Seca by bribing the security personnel, other than them no one else saw the car go that quickly, Porsche is so certain its fans will blindly believe them that they didn’t even film it.

Despite the fake exhausts to keep attention away, people realized it was an EV when it entered the HOV lane despite only carrying one passenger

To hide the fact that they would carry out a run a day after Tesla, Porsche kept a tight lip about all the details, even about the driver behind the run.

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A strange version of the Taycan was seen around Monterey a few days prior to the record run. People suspect that it is a modified version of the turbo S model. Industry sources claim that this version of the Taycan has induction motors rather than permanent magnet motors and will be released as the “Taycan Turbo S-E hybrid.”

There are no indications it has a hybrid setup, but it will command a significant premium over the regular turbo s.


Tesla’s CEO, and aspiring comedy villain, Elon Musk released a statement about the record:


According to Joe Rogan, Musk was seen around Tesla HQ shouting at staff, threatening to reassign them to The Boring Company unless someone admitted to industrial espionage. Porsche staff insisted that they found out through someone outside Tesla, presumably, Roe Jogan.

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