Using unassailable logic and rigorous scientific investigation, this man proves that the Earth is indeed flat, contrary to all of the “old” science that indicates otherwise.

D Marble, as he is known, took a spirit level on a plane and proved beyond any doubt that even though the airplane is allegedly traversing a curved surface, the bubble in the level never moves, despite the fact that the nose of the airplane must be dipping in order to fly around the globe.

I recorded a 23 minute and 45 seconds time-lapse, which by those measurements means the plane travelled a little over 203 miles.

According to curvature math given to explain the globe model, this should have resulted in the compensation of 5 miles of curvature. As you’ll see there was no measurable compensation for curvature.

And there you have it. Apparently, Mr. Marble (ironic name, no?) didn’t fly far enough to have sailed off the edge of the world into space. That would have been even better proof.