Bribery, Kids and Diecast cars

My kids are usually pretty well behaved, but it turns out bribing them with a reward when we go shopping is a pretty solid way to ensure good behavior out in public, and it makes the trip much less stressful.

My 3 year old daughter is getting into diecast cars, so we decided to use those as her reward. She likes them, and they only cost us a buck, everyone wins.

It has been fun to go through the cars with her to see what she picks out, as her selections are always interesting.


Her first selection was a VW Caddy MK3 with a pizza delivery livery. When asked why she seleected it, she replied “Because I love pizza!” Fair point.

Her next selections consisted of a purple hot rod with the engine sticking out of the hood.


Followed by a firefighting boat, apparently she picked it because Grandma and Grandpa have a boat.


Her most recent selections are a Datsun 510 rally car and a neon pink 1960 Jeep.


I honestly can’t wait to go to the store this weekend and see what she picks out next

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