So......with great regret, I am no longer able to attend the oppo meetup at the dragon this year. I kept hoping I’d be able to bring the Fiero, or the new motorcycle, or the FoST, but the following has happened in the past two weeks and it has gotten to the point that I am genuinely questioning if it was divine fuckery.

-First, the rear passenger caliper for the FIero stripped the threads for the banjo bolt on the brake line. LIke 100% clean out.
-Replacement caliper came in today’s for a firebird, I think, and doesn’t bolt up to my mounts.
-Focus ST decided to develop a very loud, howling whine between 40-65mph that goes away under braking. I’m hoping it’s a wheel weight that fell off but this noise comes and goes but it is worse this time. Just as it fell out of warranty too......
-Kawasaki can’t take a trip like that. It’s too low powered so I’d take days to get there and back.
-TDM 850 is possible.....but I’m still dealing with the seller about what to do as he is firm on price and I don’t know if I want to pay that.
-Finally, the Triumph would be fine if the controls weren’t so stiff. Electrical system seems to be better and the new signals work great. Buuuuuuuuut I doubt I’d be comfortable after the first hour on the road.


None of these are major issues, but all of them are enough to keep each vehicle in a state I don’t trust to make the journey.

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