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Bridge Collapse in Washington State.

Apparently the I-5 bridge over the Skagit River between Burlington and Mt Vernon has collapsed, there are cars, and people in the water. No word on injuries, but rescue boats are reportedly in the water.

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According to Wikipedia the bridge was built in 1955, and was not structurally deficient.

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Another image from KHOU Houston's Twitter.

Washington State Patrol say the bridge is located in a rural area, and the incident seems to have occurred around 7pm local time.

KIRO7 Seattle's Twitter also has a lot of information about the incident.

KIRO 7 Live Stream

Earlier report about possible terror concerns appears to be unfounded with new witnesses saying an oversized truck is to blame.


11:52 EST- KIRO reporter saying that there appears to be 1 person dead, and the possibility for more. As of right now there are no official reports, and the search is ongoing.

12:19 EST- KIRO quoting an eyewitness in saying that an oversized load truck hit one of the girders causing the collapse. Still only speculation.


12:23 EST- KIRO According to Travis Phelps, a spokesperson for the Washington State DOT, they are investigating the reports of an oversized vehicle striking critical components of the bridge. Still no official word on casualties.

12:28 EST- Phelps says it could take as long as 7 weeks before the bridge is re-opened, and Burlington PD also now saying that there are no fatalities. Update: 3 people reportedly have been rescued. 2 from a small pickup truck and 1 from, what looks like, a Subaru Crosstrek.


12:35 EST-

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The truck reportedly responsible for the collapse has now been stopped.

Any Washington Jalops familiar with the area, or history of the bridge?

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