Jeep Patriot (GF’s sister’s car): Cramped, CVT is shit, the engine is awful. The stereo is crap too.

Dodge Journey (rental): I was “upgraded” to a small SUV by Enterprise. What was I thinking. It’s gigantic, hideous, brake pedal is awfully touchy. Depressing in just about every way. I forgot these things even existed. I wish I wasn’t reminded.

Cayenne V6 Platinum Edition (loaner from Porsche dealer): Fabulous in every way, except for the engine which does not feel suitable for a $70k+ SUV: not enough power and too much NVH. But oh my gosh everything else about it is lovely. I can imagine how good this is with the V8.

Infiniti QX80 (rental): I think I posted a blurb about this, don’t remember exactly. Got upgraded to a fullsize SUV. Drove it from Nebraska to South Dakota. It’s fucking hideous, the mileage is terrible, but I pretty much loved everything else about it. Super comfortable for three passengers and all of our luggage. Terrific highway cruiser.