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Brief update on my Secret Senna...

The person I got wants something for his car, but I can't find anything that I know he'd like for it. So it's been a bit difficult choosing the right gift, but don't worry! I've gathered a good bit of stuff already and almost none of it isn't from the spreadsheet. But getting to the point: You'll probably be receiving your gift in early February. I just started a new job this week and things have been hectic. I've used my only day off so far to go shopping for you, but I'm still not satisfied with the amount of stuff I bought after Funktheduck surprised me with a boatload of awesome swag. I'm not sure when I'll get another day off, but I have an online training class that needs to be completed before February, so that will be the priority. As soon as I'm finished with that, though, I'm going out to Pull-A-Part to see if I can find a badass shift knob or something else that might fit your car. Worst case scenario, I'll get you a bunch of Hot Wheels just because.

I don't think I'll need more time than the current deadline, but you probably still have at least another week to wait. Sorry about that!


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