If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Bright Eyes

I wanted to buy a Mazda Miata ever since they were first introduced. As a veteran of two mid-1970s Triumphs the idea of a roadster with British styling and Japanese reliability was a balm to my Castrol oil soaked hands and garage floor. I especially liked the front of the car, with its Lotus design elements and open mouth. I finally bought a used 1997 model 10 years ago and the design still looks good to me today as it ages toward “classic” and “timeless”, at least to my eyes. Imagine my horror when I came across the image below. All these years I’ve been admiring the beauty of the Miata’s front styling only to find that it looks like a slightly startled Zoe Deschanel.


Oh well, could be worse.


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