Volkswagen Tiguan R

The GTI of SUVS! Optimistic marketing aside, I believe that this is the coolest small CUV in the market. What other CUV offers 200 HP standard and a 6 sped manual? Unfortunately this hasn't been such a sales success since its size is more Espresso than Thirst Quencher, and Americans need the space.

But why concentrate on making the Tiguan more practical, if it is a lost case anyway. What this truly compact SUV needs is a RedBull injection, cue the R treatment.

This agile little compact SUV with the 296 HP and 280 lb ft. of torque from the 4 Cylinder engine from the Mk7 Golf R would be Biblically Brilliant. Keep the Stick and the option for DSG so they can actually have a market, and just add the fantastic 4-motion system. Tell me how this isn't the most awesome idea I have had.


Treat the Tiguan with the usual R treatments: Bigger nicer wheels, blue brake callipers, blue needles on the dials (Awesome), Body clenching seats, proper steering wheel, and the usual performance upgrades. Price for all of these goodness: $42K-$47K.

For this, the 10th edition of Brilliant Ideas, I wanted to do something special in this day. The very same day I met the most famous automotive journalist in Mexico. Also, this is the only car my Girlfriend really likes, and I promised to buy her as soon as I could. Opponauts, I give you, the 296 Hp, 6 speed manual, 4WD Tiguan R.