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Bring Back Our Favorite Ads!

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Don’t you just hate it when a great ad disappears from public view?

Advertisements are, to a large extent, disposable. You come up with something to grab the eye of a potential customer, and once it starts to grow stale, you replace it with another one to keep attracting attention.


But some ads are too good to throw away. Sometimes they’re entertaining, funny, or just pure art, making us want to watch them over and over again. Sometimes they’re so fantastic that we can’t help but share them with others, regardless of how much we care about the actual product. If your ad goes viral, you’ve done something very right.

There are a couple of adverts that I distinctly recall used to be hosted on official YouTube channels, but have since become unavailable. You can’t share them anymore unless you can find some random YouTuber who has uploaded it to their own channel.


Case in point: Bosch’s catchy “Don’t Be a Killer Car” video from 2015's “Stop the Roadkill” campaign. Old embeds of this video in news articles praising the funny ad, are now dead. Several of these articles date from December of 2015, suggesting the original release date of the ad. But the video is just perfect for Halloween, and that’s when I wanted to share it again.


So instead of embedding the official video, the only way to share it is to link to somebody else’s upload, and let them rack up the views that Bosch deserves.

And then there’s one of my favorite ads from Dodge. In 2011 they released “The Future of Driving”, starring the new Charger. This ad conveys the soul-sucking boredom of autonomous technology, and boldly claims that Dodge will be “Never Neutral”.


I think that this might be the old link, but I’m not sure. You have to watch the ad through another upload:

Why are the official channels setting these ads to private? A corporate change of heart regarding driverless cars? An offended customer who doesn’t want to hear a zombie squirrel puppet make a joke about its nuts? Some weird YouTube algorithm that automatically fetches up older ads for autoplaying when it needs to play newer ones?


C’mon guys, don’t take these ads away. If you have to, upload them to a separate archival channel or something. What have you got to lose?

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