Bringing Project Colony Ship into the new century

For full 80s luxury, My 1987 Mercury Colony Park has separate ashtrays & cigarette lighters for both rear seat passengers.

These are now completely useless, as I have never allowed smoking in any car I’ve owned. So I added USB adaptors to both lighters, and put a 3' charging cord in the ash tray, so both rear passengers can recharge their phones.


The lids still close.

I also installed this replacement 1991 tailgate. It doesn’t match the color of the wagon, but in every other way it is better as it isn’t rotted through, isn’t bent, isn’t leaking, the weatherstripping isn’t crumbling, the window works, the outside latch doesn’t stick, the inside handle exists, and the hinges aren’t completely. shot.


So I’ll deal with having to do some repainting and swapping out the earlier emblems.

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