British gonna Brit

Riding home last night, had to take the long way home around Cincy (of course) due to traffic. Look down and all of a sudden I have a CEL on the Triple. Start to poop myself and move over to the breakdown lane. Bike was good temperature wise and no oil lights, literally just had the 500 mile service last week and have put 200 on since. Turn it back on to hit the hazards, nothing. Weird. Hit the turn signals, nothing. I do remember hitting the signal to hit the shoulder and then seeing it not on when I got over but didn’t think of anything at the time. Check the horn and rear brake, nothing. I decide to check the fuses as the brights are still working. I blew the 10 amp for my signals and daytime lights. Replace and ride home, still got the CEL though.

My only guess is that I installed a fender delete this weekend that has an LED light for the plate, where as the stock is halogen. I’m thinking either theres A short with the wiring or something else is wonky with that. All the lights that didn’t work at the back came through the same harness, the only wiring that changed was the LED wiring. I’m going to put the stock back on and take it to the dealer to get checked. He said that they have to clear the CEL for the light to go out, oddly enough when I turned the bike on with the stock connections attached the CEL was gone but it’s now back again. Hoping it was just related to that and the CEL isn’t something else. If not, I will most likely retrofit the delete with the stock halogen light. The delete was made specifically for my bike, which is odd. It’s also a British bike, so anything electrical goes.


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