An armed response vehicle (ARV) is a type of police car operated by British Law enforcement. ARVs are crewed by Authorized Firearms Officers to respond to incidents believed to involve firearms or other high-risk situations. ARVs are specially adapted and modified to accommodate specialist equipment, along with the transportation of armed officers to a scene of an incident.

Here we have 4 City of London Police ARV’s (A BMW 5-Series and 3 BMW X5's) escorting two trucks from the Bank of England. Notice the yellow dots on the windshields; this and a yellow dot on the roof indicates an ARV, primarily on City of London and Metropolitan Police.

Here we have 4 Metropolitan Police BMW X5 ARV’s out on a shout; 2 in Battenburg Markings, one unmarked, and one still in the former “jam sandwich” livery.

Here is a British Transport Police Volvo XC70 responding to a call.

This Met Diplomatic Protection Group X5 mounts the sidewalk in order to advance to it’s call.The DPG cars are easy to spot due to their red paintjobs.

Of course, it wasn’t all X5's. Here is an older video of a BMW 525D (diesel). Note the fact that it’s low to the ground, due to the ammount of equipment and gear the cops inside are carrying.

Lets step away from London a bit, and see two Unmarked Audi A6 Wagons of the West Midlands Police out on shouts.

Okay, Heathrow Airport is covered by The Met, but this video from MPS Kingston Police shows a Mitsubishi Shogun ARV from Heathrow, including the safe used to hold the guns.

Speaking of Armed Response at airports, Gatwick Airport is covered by Sussex Police, and Inside Gatwick Episode 1 covers the Security at Gatwick, and how much training and testing it takes to be an AFO (Authorized Firearms Officer) at the Airport.

3 BMW X5's ARV’s and a Ford Focus Estate Dog Squad rush to the Notting Hill Carnival, possibly to assist regular officers with a car stop that has firearm markers on it.

And lets end this with an episode of “Send in the Dogs” where this episode focuses on the Police Dogs of the Met, with one Dog Squad team training to serve alongside the Specialist Firearms Command.