I’m spending part of my Saturday down at the Subaru dealer to get our Outback and my WRX serviced. Wandering around the lot, I came across the Brobaru, an Outback that’s being sold as new with a few added accessories.

It has a 2” lift kit, a brush bar, a basket, accessory lights, and smaller wheels with larger tires.

The company providing the parts is LP Aventure (not misspelled) -


I have to admit, I really like it. Since our Outback is going to be my daughter’s car, I asked her what she thought. She’s all-in for everything except the roof basket.

The only thing missing is a set of skid plates.


Of course, a sales guy appeared out of the blue, which was a good thing since he was willing to tell me all about what they had done. He said they swapped the premium package 18” wheels for 17” so they could get tires with more sidewall. He also said they’d like to go smaller, but there are clearance issues with the caliper and 16” wheels. Either way, I think they look really sharp and probably provide better off-road performance since you can air them down a bit.

The price? All of this is mounted on a 2.5 Premium with an MSRP nearly $31k. They want another $8,800 for their add-ons, the bulk of it tied up in the wheels and tires.


While I really like it, nearly $40k for a 2.5 Outback is just a bit too much. Maybe someday, but definitely not today.

But dang, it sure looks nice.