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Brodozer Encounter

Encountered this unbelievably insecure asshole today. As the video starts, I'm doing about forty (the limit as you see on the sign is 35) when I notice a lifted 90's F150 a ways behind me, and closing fast. At around 12 seconds, he catches up to me, and proceeds to start riding my ass. When the light goes green, he waits a second or two, than punches it, and does a little mini-charge at the back of my car. When the blue van and I start braking, because the limit goes down to 25, he jumps in behind the silver Dakota. Silver Dakota goes to turn left, he cuts back behind me. After the Dakota turns, I move left to pass the van. He guns it and does the same, cutting off the maroon Maxima, who you can hear beep him. He's a little mad at me at this point, and gets so close I can only see a bumper and grill in my rear view. He then does the mini-charges at the back of my car again, and revs the engine some. I simply let off the gas and hold it at 25 on the nose. As soon as the gold truck to my right turns, he floors it (easily 40-45 in a 25, as he passes the 25 sign), and then proceeds to fishtail/swrve into my lane a little so he can swing his trucknutz (the only nuts he appears to posses) in my face. And then turns left immediately.

God I wish I had a rear camera. And yes, that is the Jaws intro music playing as he blows by.


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