Took the kids to a movie last night, which we all enjoyed. Then dropping my daughter’s friend off I thought I smelled gas. Got home (1 block away), grabbed the light, and found my culprit.

Not mine, just showing the issue.

The ends of my fuel rail are leaking. Apparently the repair kit gave up.

Now I’m at a loss for what to do. Clearly the repair kits don’t last as I just fixed this issue this spring, I cannot find a replacement rail anywhere to just put a new one on, and installing another 20yo fuel rail seems like a terrible idea.

Seems like my only options are:

1. Janky fix that involves drilling/tapping the end of the rail and using barbed fittings/high pressure fuel hose.


2. Swap to the newer style top end, which is a project I’m not sure on how it’ll go.

3. Find a different drivetrain and swap something else in.

4. Someone happens to have one of these laying around somewhere: 4554108

Issue Found: One of the repair pieces got damaged when the rail was pulled to change the intake gasket. New repair part is on the way. In the mean time I’m going to the JY tomorrow to pull another fuel rail and a rear hatch. I will modify the other rail to eliminate the issue completely and have it on hand in case something fails again.