So, I was walking down a street in my home town today, when a man in his fifties started screaming stuff to a couple of young ladies (mid-twenties) and their kids (2-5 years old I guess), calling them fucking niggers and stuff like that. I told the man to shut the fuck up, he told me to stay out off it, and kept on shouting stuff like "fucking niggers, go back to where you come from you fucking niggers, nobody wants you fucking muslims here anyway".

Well, I told him once again to shut the fuck up and leave. And then he tries to punch me.. He barely hit my shoulder, then he grabs me and throws me into a wall, I fight back.. I mean, who would not? This goes back and forth for a minute or so I guess, before I give him a Glasgow kiss.. That ended the fight, no doubt about that, but now this guy is screaming for help, the cops arrive and the ladies he was screaming stuff at are no longer around. .. AND I may end up with a fine.

Yeah.. awesome..

I wish I had some music to share with you about equality and stuff, but the only song I can think of right now is this one..