A week or so ago I was talking Harleys, but I think I’ve got the craving knocked down to just a cruiser rather than a full on Harley. To that end, I’ve found three non-Harleys around $1000, and they’re all faulty in one way or another. Let go!

This is the cheapest, oldest, and my least favorite. It’s a $700/bo ‘99 Yamaha V-Star 1100 that likely needs an engine. On the plus side, it can be had for $500. On the down side, it’s old, the engine is small, and Yamaha is my second least favorite brand on these (hey, Suzuki).

This is a 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 1600 with a good engine and a bad transmission, and it’s $1200/bo. It’s the newest bike here, with the biggest/most powerful engine, and I’m kinda familiar because I had a ‘98 Vulcan 1500 Classic. It’s going to need a new crankcase, which I can get for $250. The bike comes with its factory hard bags (a BIG plus for me), and a batwing fairing can be added for $300.


Last but certainly not least, a 2000 Victory V92C. This bike is $1200, no word on if that price is flexible, and isn’t actually broken...it runs and rides daily. No, the problem here is a lack of paperwork...no title. My understanding is that I can register it in VT on a bill of sale, so this is likely the best value here. Upside, MURICA. Downside, the Vulcan is a much better looking bike.


Opinions from you degenerates?