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Broken Hearted

*UPDATE and repost for morning crowd*

So a year ago a really good family friend passed away. He was an amazing friend to my Mother when they were younger and became a good friend of mine too. They didn’t live too far from where I live now and we would hang out and talk cars etc. As a child I remember coming up to visit them with my Mom and Dean had a beautiful fully original 1940 Packard Sedan.

Similar, but beige

I remember as a child riding in the back to the local restaurant to get dinner and other things like that. It was so amazing I would just ask my Mom if we could take the 4 hour trip to see them just so I could get to ride in it. We as humans do we got older and since I moved to the area I finally convinced him to take it to a car show with me and we all had a blast.

This is the proper color

Well I stopped by to see the Jan (his wife) and catch up and after touring all the remodels to the house she did after he passed, she told me it is for sale. This has been tearing me apart inside because I don’t want this car to disappear. She said she was asking $10,000 obo and the only way I could come up with even close to that money would be to sell my GTO.


Therein lies the issue that I still owe money on my car and would need to make sure I can get enough to cover the loan and the purchase. Though not really an issue with the low miles and demand the cars have in the enthusiast market. I then have the issue that I don’t see my car selling for that much due to the failing repair done when it was rear ended under the care of the PO.

My thought is I can always buy another GTO in the future, but I can’t buy his car again.


Please help me Oppo. And yes I would be willing to DD the Packard till I

A. Get my Sprite running

B. Buy a motorcycle


So I could totally live with out a car till the Packard would be more DD ready or if it breaks downs and here is the Packard info


1940 Packard One Ten 4 door Touring Jr Flathead 6


I think I am going to sell the GTO and buy this.

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