I was chatting to a guy at uni and he said his 2003 Mini Cooper wouldn't start. He lived close to me so I offered to take a look at it for him. The electrics all seem to have full power but when you try and turn it over you can just hear clicking (which I believe is just the relay?) but the starter doesn't move at all. Also the driver's window starts edging down for some reason.

Usually a non starting car is the battery but I'm not so sure. From what I've seen even a half dead battery will at least get a bit of movement out of the starter, especially when the electrics seem to work. My and my grandad's theory is a stuck starter motor (it's behind the exhaust manifold so I couldn't hit it with anything to try and dislodge it which has worked for me in the past) so I'm going to tell him to rock the car in gear and then try to start it.

Any ideas guys?