I noticed the other day that my work van, a 2004-ish Caravan, was acting up. It would come up to heat at idle (it’s freezing out, I sit in my truck until it’s warm), but still took some time to actually make heat for the cabin. It was usually fine after driving it for a minute once it was up to heat. Not today though.

No, today I got out of the parking garage and down the street and it was still making cold air. I glanced down at the temp gauge just in time to see it start creeping up towards the red. I shut off the ‘heat’, temp came back down, and I drove it straight to our mechanic.

My diagnosis, yesterday it was low on coolant and today it’s out. Almost certainly a leak in the cooling system that I hope will take the rest of the day to fix. They’re trying to replace the van soon anyway, so I’ll have to let my boss know the repair before they do it.

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