There’s a Mazda dealer next to the Subaru dealer where we bought my wife’s Impreza. When I pulled in there were a bunch of people milling around these Miatas. There’s 2 rows of them. They had gone inside by the time my oil change was done, but I briefly checked out some of the cars. Some of them were pretty nicely modified.

Also, an oil change for a 2016 Subaru Impreza is $60 *after* a $10 coupon, because the dealer charges $40 for 0W20 synthetic oil which you can’t get most places, and then another something or other for filter and labor. My wife was kinda pissed when I told her that but I calmed her down by explaining that at least the oil change interval is 6,000 miles.


I’d shop around for other Subaru dealers​ but the only other one in town is another location of the same company. Oh well.