I was out of town so I didn't get a chance to get down to Belle Isle, but my buddy Aaron Bambach didn't just get to go to the races, he got to DRIVE a truck! From all reports he did a terrific job too, first time EVER racing trucks...had the pole for the first race and ended up getting on the podium the second race and got through the weekend(3 races) without a scratch on the truck and all top 5 finishes. (Thanks to JVDA Photography for the pics)

another pic, this one from Brad Doerr:


Cool pic/post from Aaron from yesterday:

Leading the field over the carousel jump at the start of race 1, eventually finished 4th when the race was cut short due to a rollover. I was the only driver in the top 4 to not have an Indy 500 start on my resume... :)


Pretty awesome. FYI, Aaron is a great guy....check out his animal rescue if you get a chance! Animal Aid Foundation