When I was in LA a few months ago for the auto show I had a chance to drive a mint condition Ford Pinto. A “minto” if you will. The exact car I drove was a 1974 model powered by the 2.2L “Lima” I4 that was in its very first year of production then


The Pinto hails from Detroit’s first real foray into “import fighters” and I found it interesting to drive what they thought buyers wanted from an American sub-compact. The car feels much larger than it is. And that can be good and bad. It rides very well; far better than a car of its size has any right to. The (manual) steering is very light, and the seats are large and cushy. Of course the downside of all this is that despite its size, it wallows around in corners and is otherwise hardly sporty. That said, it was still fun to drive a freaking Pinto around in LA. Any questions about what it was like to drive?

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