Brown Manual Turbo Diesel Wagon?????

Ok, not quite. More like Brown Manual Turbo Diesel Wagon.

Well it’s been a busy week, Oppo, which is why I’m just getting around to posting this. Meet the new to me boredalways mobile, a CPO 2014 VW Jetti TDI Premium w/DSG. I actually purchased Monday (2 days after taking it for a spin) and only picked it up Wednesday. Just waiting on some floor mats that I ordered and need to pick out a new dashcam. I ordered a really nice Crosstour CR900 that came with a front and rear camera, but it’s missing a very important piece IMO: battery backup.


Still driving the POS C240. I want to see how bad (or good) of a job I can do with fixing stuff on it like brakes and rust and paint. If I fail, I fail. I will sell it later or donate. Either way, it’s better than what I was offered on trade-in (~$800 at best).

Anyway, I don’t name my cars but I think it’s one of those Oppo traditions. So I will call it:


I said:




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