This welcomed me while arriving at work. Cross Country (because US market) V90 in BROWN!

Color matched flares. For Cross Country models, i’d have to go with the textured plastic flares. My personal opinion. This set up is $65.852. No interior shots because I couldn’t find the key, but it is loaded. This one is the lighter interior color trim.


Screw the awesome/high tech interior, DA BROWN!!!!!!!!!1!!one!!!

I looked at it for a good 15 min. It’s basically the 5th car i’d get after winning the lottery (612 Scaglietti, 17' Land Cruiser, 96' Impala SS, Retired INDYcar).


As for the utility aspect of it..... the interior is almost too nice to do regular Moose like activities


Since my future as a Volvo employee looks like it’s fading away, my opportunity of a mega rad employee lease program deal is going with it.

I don’t want to be mega rich. My heart and conscience wouldn’t allow it. A car like this V90 is my Rolls-Royce.