With the release today of the GPS coordinates in the Ed Bolian cross country adventure, I wanted to see what could be done with the data.


Unfortunately the PDF is easy for humans to read, but hard for computers, so first I used Automator in Mac OS X to copy the text out and then Text Wrangler to clean up the lines. I sent the resulting file to davesaddiction, who used it for that first map.

I also made a map, but it uses Google and is interactive. I coloured the route lines according to the speed, which you can see by zooming in.

Ideally it'd be cool if Jalopnik can host the data file and my HTML because it's on my personal site now.


UPDATE I had planned to do it, but thedevilinside reminded me that it should have some more info, so it now lets you click on a segment to see speed and elapsed distance and time at the start of that segment.