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Browsing Craigslist

Its a Saturn, a Saturn SC nonetheless, stickshift, with... wait for it... Pop. Up. Headlights. I think you all know where I’m coming from. The ad says its garage kept; from the pics it has a sunroof, a slick little spoiler, and only the finest, deadest 90s GM leather. All this for a measly grand, though having 227k on it probably has something to do with that. Dammit though, you never see these things this nice.


This Eurovan caught my attention too, simply because its a Eurovan and I quite like those a great deal. A big, silver, boxy, camper-aspiring German van with a VR6; cool says the guy who has never owned a VW. I don’t care what people say, these things are neat. This one looks like it’s one wheel in the scrapper, knocking or maybe crashing into deaths door looking at that front-end disfigurement. I wonder whats going to happen with it, I hope someone buys it and gives it some love, if it even is saveable


I’m turning red and getting sweats from going this long and not talking about a jeep, so heres this sweet TJ for 5500 bucks. Crazy right? Its in one piece, it has a drivetrain, its not a four-banger (though theres nothing wrong with that), no rust. Huh. Its an 4.0 with, being a 98, an AX-15 manual and its painted in that wonderful shade of moss green topped by some very sporty looking sport decals on the side - small thing, but I’ve always liked those. Oh 230k. Yikes. It is a 4.0 however, it might have a lot left to give, but a lot happens in all those miles. Also no A/C, which sucks ass in Florida, swamp ass particularly.


I felt like pelting Oppo with all my Craigslist finds today instead of texting my usual victims, so what do you guys think? NP or CP? Do you guys like Eurovans? Should I drink less coffee and spend less time on CL? Maybe...

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