I'll admit, it takes a lot for a dealer or restoration and repair shop to impress me. After filming the likes of RPM Vermont, and covering events like the BMW CCA's Oktoberfest show, it tends to take something truly special for an automotive shop to stand out - but whether it was their attitude and appreciation of cars or the vehicles present themselves, Bavarian Rocket Science in Albany, NY, very much did. BRS, despite functioning as a fully-operational and very capable shop for modern German daily drivers and weekend toys, also has a talent for troubleshooting and mechanical restorations for German cars as varied as 356 racers and Ruf RGTs; while I was there, they had projects including manual 928s, 911 and 944 track cars (including their very cool and very loud 2.7RS racer), vintage performance VWs, modern Audis, E36 M3s, and the aforementioned all-original 356, complete with thirty years of barn-bound patina.

Enjoy the video above, and be sure to turn up the speakers for the Carrera 2.7RS race car. And stay tuned for some more videos in the next few weeks (including another Real Drivers video I shot yesterday).