Test drove a BRZ this weekend, and although it wasn't very thorough, I came away with a few impressions:

This sucker is SMALL, that back seat has child seat anchors, but only by law as there is no way you could get a car seat behind the driver and still, um, drive.

The engine note its as bad as I thought...its not stirring, but its not bad.

The engine midrange is terrible, as in, it actually feels like the torque curve dips down from 4000-5500...weird (and well documented)

The engine didn't seem to like redline, it started to feel buzzy near 7000, maybe it was just too showroom fresh.


The shifter is a little too notchy for my taste, but it would probably smooth out over time, it was very hard to rev match into 2nd, for example without having to push past what could be described as a mild detente.

I still want one.