I test drove the BRZ today solo. Here's some pros and cons:


Pro: Stick shift has a short throw and feels crisp and sexy as hell!

Con: Sound system sucks. Sounded like crap. Buzzed from the bass even at low volume.


Pro: Steering feels like a Go-Kart! Immediate response! This car is tighter than a prude prom date!

Pro: Tire grip... OK. We all know this car has "Prius tires". Oh really? Then why does every car review fail to mention that a Prius comes stock with 185/65/15 tires? And the BRZ is outfitted with 215/45/18? The tire may be the same model, but the wheel size is way different, and it really helps! After watching all those Toyobaru reviews, I thought this car was going to slide all over the road! Just the opposite. This thing had way more grip than I thought it would. And it was f*cking cold today! I tried to get substaintial wheel-spin, understeer, oversteer, etc. Nothing. I was pushing the car hard! But this was no track day event. I was on public roads mind you, and I couldn't get the tires to let go - unless I started putting lives at risk. No thank you.


Pro: Highway acceleration. When I got to the part of the highway where the "posted speed limit" is "100 mph", I went for it. Clutch in, downshift, floor it. This car flew like a bat outta hell. 65 mph to 95 mph like nothing. Hat tip to the Sciobaru.

Con: On-ramp acceleration. Lame. The car has 151 lb/ft of tourqe, and it shows. I floored it in 3rd gear, and... yeah. My 14-year-old SAAB 9-3 S has a noticably greater amount of torque. It's OK. I understand. Normally aspirated 2.0 liter 4-banger, I've got respect for it, without a doubt.

Final word

Great car! Do want.