I stumbled across this 2013 Subaru BRZ Limited for sale.

The pictures look good. Though 51,000 miles is a lot, the car appears to be in good shape, and $18,500 is a decent price for a stock BRZ.

Oh, but according to the seller this car is far from stock. He mentions a "media package monitor," whatever that is. I don't recall seeing that mentioned in the brochure when I was shopping for my own BRZ, nor the "killer high-end BOSE sound system." The stock audio is a rather good ten speaker system, but not by Bose.

But here's where the ad descends into utter lunacy.

6-speed manual transmission with Turbo button for when you want speed! Car flys when you jump on the gas, push the turbo button, and swiftly accelerate from gear 1 to gear 6.


Has Subaru made a turbo BRZ after all? No - the underhood picture clearly shows an entirely stock engine bay, just like my car. There is no "turbo" button. There's traction control and "VSC Sport," which dials back stability control and lets the car move around some while still saving your butt if you get too wild, but that's it. Turbos aren't activated by buttons anyway - maybe nitrous, but again, the photos show no sign of such a system being installed.

But here's the best part:

"Porsche Boxster Engine."

That was definitely not mentioned as an available option! All these journalists who complain that the BRZ is underpowered must not have had one with a Boxster engine, which I imagine would make this car fly. Maybe since Toyota is teaming up with BMW to make the next Supra, Subaru has joined with Porsche for similar reasons.


Why didn't anyone tell me? I'm going to march into the dealer right now and demand to exchange my BRZ for one equipped with a Boxster engine. Even the 265hp motor from the base Boxster would be a nice bump from my current 200hp, though the 315hp Boxster S motor would be even better.


With a Turbo button.