So I found an “01 CLK AMG MCLAREN MERCEDES” on craigslist for $10500. No, I’m not buying it, I’m just curious. So is this really a McLaren-modded car?

In the seller’s words, “these were by special order only it is a 430s edition 2dr 375hp v8 it has every option u could get 120k miles recaro leather roof delison suspenceion i have keep this car up like a baby always garage keep it had the complete 100k service from front to back last year of the hand built AMG it is in show room condition the best of both worlds performance and luxury leather is flawless as u can see i keep it inside they dont get any nicer than this.”


The whole McLaren thing seems a little dubious to me. I’m not even sure it’s a true AMG because the badge on the back would back CLK55 rather than CLK 430. Also, I think the wheels are Lorinser. Anyway, thoughts? Is thing for real?

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