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I.E., my to do list

I rebuilt the carb this weekend, since I got a gasket kit with it. Turns out its most likely warped since the slide is pretty sticky. Rather than deal with a stuck throttle, I decided to just bite the bullet and buy a new carb. Whats another $200 when the bike was free right?


Also ordered new tires, brakes, and cables yesterday. Still have to buy the new oil pump and electronic ignition kit as well. Then I need to deal with some minor rust in the tank, a gallon or two of evap-o-rust should take take of that. New sprockets and chain are also a must do. Lastly, I need to deal with the speedometer as its not currently attached and I have no idea why. Hopefully it’s fixable. Oh, and maybe treat it to a new seat cover. This free project is getting pricey quickly. Without finding anything disastrous, about $1,000 in parts should get it up and running.

Then to deal with the fun that is the California DMV. Getting a head of myself though. I’ve got a solid few months on weekends ahead of that.


Now to just keep the new siblings from fighting in the cramped quarters.

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