BSA progress

Working on the BSA this weekend. Got quite a lot accomplished. Also, if you have any expertise in classic vehicle registration in California, I have a question for you.

Started with removing the carb I just rebuilt to completely replace it. I learned that these old Amal carbs can warp pretty easily, causing the slide to stick. So trying to avoid a stuck throttle, I decided to just replace the old one. When I first encountered the stuck slide on the old carb, I thought it was just the cables and throttle assembly that was sticking. Turns out I may have been right...


With the new one on, I tried the throttle again, and it was still sticking. So out came the new throttle cable. Lubed it up (maybe could have been better) and attached it. Tried the throttle and still sticking. Ugh…

So took apart the throttle assembly and found the monster in the closet. Old gummed up lube that had turned to glue. With that all clean, the throttle is finally snapping closed as it should. All I had to do was replace just about everything in the system. No heart broken about replacing the carb, it was looking worse for wear anyway.

Tuning the carb will be in the future, as the bike still isn’t in starting condition. Sunday, I got the timing cover off, which was a PITA because the shift and kick start levers were so gummed on. After a few hours for heating and cursing, I got the cover off and removed the old points, advance unit, coils, wires and just about everything else from the old system.


Now I’ve got the new Pazon ignition kit zip tied on and trying to plan out the what’s next. Figured it was a good stopping point as I need to read over the wiring diagram better before I continue.


Also got some eye candy in the form of the SRM oil pump that will be going in after the ignition system is all done


Purdy oil pump is purdy…

At some point I need to get the registration figure out. Hang with me, it’s a slightly convoluted story.


So the original owner from Virginia sold the bike to a guy in California in 2014. The new owner never got it registered in California (the bike wasn’t running), and therefore the title is not in his name. He is listed on the Virgina title, that I have, as the purchaser in 2014. In comes my father in law who bought it from the second owner. He has a hand written bill on sale showing that he purchased the bike. So how the hell are we supposed to get it registered?

There is a chain of ownership and its documented, is that good enough for the DMV? It won’t bother me at all if we have to put it in my father in laws name first just to get a title for the thing. Anyone have any ideas?


Now to memorize a wiring diagram

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